4 thoughts on “Mel’s in the Paper!”

  1. I almost registered on the chronicle site to post a reply cuz I was IRKED!!!!! The second comment, the one about helping people with no insurance or helping needy children made me SO MAD!!! YES THEY ARE HELPED!!! Its called taxes and public health. Try finding a government agency to pay your vet bills. Oh, it doesn’t exist. We are completely left on our own when it comes to paying our bills…bills that are for yes, an animal, but an animal that is part of the family just as any other “needy child”. How dare people judge us for getting care for our dogs. I don’t complain when someone uses my tax money to take their kid to the doctor for free. ARRRRGHHHH!!! sorry to rant, just really upsets me when people feel the need to express their useless opinions 🙂

    <3 Laura and Jackaroni

    P.S. Mel is still cute!

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