5 chemo treatments down

Only 1 to go! Mel has been doing great! He is almost done with his IV chemo and I can’t wait. After this 4 months of oral chemo, 5 more months of Prednisone and then his treatment will be complete.  His separation anxiety has gotten a little worse in the past few weeks. Probably due to all of the extra attention, so that is my next battle.

I can’t believe how well he is hoping around. The weather is finally starting to get warmer so we will be at the dog park soon I’m sure!

5 thoughts on “5 chemo treatments down”

  1. Mel sounds like things are going very good for you, yay! Keep it up buddy ! Have fun soon at the dog park.

    Jo Ann & Tasha

  2. Yay, Mel! You’re awesome! We’re so glad you’re doing so well… almost done with IV chemo is soooo good!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

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