So far so good with Mel’s first CCNU treatment. He seems to be handling it just fine with no side effects. We went to the park and to the beach today. Check out the video of Mel running at the park and playing with the hose!


4 thoughts on “Update”

  1. Mel! You are going to get a speeding ticket! That is way too fast ! I had to shut my eyes! And then you did that extreme air jump! WOWSA!

    Loved the video, hot rod and dog Mel!


    Major –
    Are you working under cover for Monkeybutt? I see you pop up and I can’t find you anywhere! What’s your story bub!

  2. Yay, Mel! Glad to hear your 1st CCNU treatment went well. You totally rock!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

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