So Far So Good!

Mel is handling the new chemo just fine. I spoke to his vet and we are going to test his blood again in a week or so and as long as it looks good we will be on to another treatment!!  I cannot believe that my boy only has 3 treatments left to go. This has been such a crazy journey filled with ups and downs but I couldn’t be happier as to how he is responding. He is steadily gaining his weight back and may even weigh more than before we started treatment! (He has always been an active skinny boy!)

I got his lifejacket in the mail the other day and it fits great. I’m hoping the weather will warm up soon so that he can try it out!

4 thoughts on “So Far So Good!”

  1. Way to go, Mel! We’ll keep fingers and paws crossed that your bloodwork looks excellent when they check it next!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  2. Great news that he’s responding so well. And he’s ready to swim too!

    What a cute guy.

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