So as you all know Amputation and Chemo are very expensive. My vet has been nice enough to let me run a balance on my account but it will eventually have to be paid. I worked at a golf course for 5 years and the event coordinator there happens to be my moms best friend. She suggested I do a golf outing to benefit Mel. It will be sometime in May and will be called “Mulligans for Mel” The rescue I volunteer for has done one successfully in the past so the director is going to help me plan/work it. I will let you all know how it turns out. I am also getting a “golfer outfit” for Mel since they said he could come and drive around on a golf cart with me to sell raffle tickets and things. It should be if nothing else a great time. He has become kind of famous in our community so hopefully we will have a good turn out!

Chemo 2nd try…

Just took Mel to the vet for his second chemo treatment. His CBC came back completely normal! He has been feeling the best he has since surgery the last few days. His seroma seems to have been absorbed and it doesnt seem to bother him anymore. Keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn’t get sick like he did the last time. His vet spoke to the oncologist and they are cutting his dose in half so he should be just fine. Keep your fingers crossed for my boy!

*update* Vet Just called. I have to go pick him up after his treatment is done. He’s being a nut case, obviously feeling much better =)

More Fluid.

So now that I am overly obsessed with my dogs every action and total state of well-being, I take him with me everywhere I go. Last night we went to a friends house just to hang out and play some cards. Mel was SO EXCITED to see everyone there he was tearing through the house like a crazy man, playing with his toys and just having the time of his life. Pretty good for almost dieing 2 days before. We only stayed for about an hour and a half and I noticed his leg was seeping a bit again. Just clear fluid, no blood and nothing major. Well, being the paranoid person that I am, I set an alarm to get up every 2 hours throughout the night to check his temp. He hasn’t spiked any type of a fever, is not painful, and is eating well. Just a little fluid. I am kind of weird about touching his stump for some reason, but i felt around and it doesn’t seem hot or overly full. I decided I’m going to continue to monitor his temperature but I’m not going to rush him to the vet to have it drained. He was on alot of fluids for the past few days and I assume that along with him being a nut case last night were the causes of this. He is still on 2 types of antibiotics so I am not AS CONCERNED about infection. I will call his regular Dr. Monday and let him know what happens and see how he would like me to proceed. It seems like everything has the potential to be a major emergency at this point but I am trying my hardest to be calm and not rush him into the vet every five minutes. They probably think I’m a nut case. Oh and I have the cutest picture of him from last night. I will post it here as soon as I get home from work…

He’s home!

I just picked him up. He looks great! Staying on antibiotics for a while but if his white count is up he may even be able to get a reduced dose of chemo next Friday!! He is so excited to be here but now I’m feeling more paranoid than ever!

Mel Update

I just got off the phone with his vet. His temp is down to 102 and hes doing great! He’s eating and he’s alert and happy. They are waiting for the culture results to come back but I should be able to take him home either today or tomorrow. He is not completely out of the woods yet but he is doing MUCH BETTER than last night. I am convinced that he just likes to scare the crap out of me. I should have known better, he always get through whatever is thrown at him. He is the most amazing dog I have ever met.

Mel needs your prayers

I just had to rush Mel into the vet on emergency. His temp shot up to 106 and he was very lethargic. They think he might be a little septic. They are keeping him over night on IV fluids and antibiotics. Please pray for him. I know he is strong but he is very, very sick. I can’t help but think if I had never found that lump on his leg he wouldn’t be going through all this now.

Mel’s Day Out

I work for a doggy daycare which is a great advantage considering I can take Mel to work with me when no one is home. Today I had to work our booth at the Great Big Home and Garden show at the expo center in Cleveland. To my surprise they let me bring Mel. He had a great time and lots of extra love. He drew quite the crowd to our booth also. There was even a woman who does Rieki there and she did it for Mel. I am not to familiar with it but all i know is he fell asleep in her arms and he LOVED it! He had a great day, and he seemed to be feeling great. We just got home and he is taking a well deserved nap on the couch.